Welcome To Patna Store

Had Bible been written today, it would have definitely stated, "A family that shops together stays together".

If you are a husband, agree, you do miss the fun of shopping kiryana with your spouse. That now and then checking a whole long list of the items with your wife to mark all the items have been bought correctly! But, your are busier in showing shopping malls to your Boss's foreign clients, helping their family and unknowingly ignoring yours! And the answer you satisfy yourself with is,kya karen..paisa bohot hai,time kum hai..kuch ho sakta hai kya?..kuch nahi!

And obviously dadi at home, who, since ages has just been writing a list of the toiletry and medical items she needs, writing the same old brands of toothpastes, the same old brand of hair oil she has been using....ignorant about all the new and better brands coming up as she cannot join you to the mall bazaar and as far as online market is concerned...all you shop there are the fashion bags or dresses! :(

Oh! Bunty! Did he again not bring the kitchen items you told him to bring 3 days back in the fear of long billing lines?? Did you again have to go all by yourself to the mall, giving a day off to your beloved precious maid? Did you again had to magajmaari and chik chik with the auto wala??

Paul Theroux quoted, " I can't make my day longer, but can make it better"....

Working on the same lines, we aim to make your day better, shopping better!...No billing lines, no long travels in the sun! No more online shopping will now be limited to only fashion goods or expensive international brands! It will all be your own kind of shopping!

We know you have been missing the excitement of discounts and sales! Kya karen hum Indians jub tak discount aur sale na dikhe, shopping mazzedaar he nai lagti!!!! We understand that so we bring you that!

Paul also stated “Connection" is the triumphal cry these days. Connection has made people arrogant, impatient, hasty, and presumptuous.."

The kind of shopping we provide, connects you and us, connects you and your own people..connects our products to your needs!

You are not just taking products in a cart, you are taking a whole bazaar... of your precious family moments and time!

Paisa kum hai, time bhi kum hai, fir bhi bohot kuch ho sakta hai!!!